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The FMCSA is planning to test the effects of letting commercial truck drivers "pause" their 14-hour on-duty limit by up to 3 hours per day. The agency is hoping to enlist up to 400 drivers to participate in its three-year "Split Duty Period Pilot Program.". Participants would be allowed to use one off-duty break of between 30 minutes.

The Barstool Bros' Split Over Abortion Could Determine the Future of the GOP. The strength and character of the GOP's culture-war coalition is about to be severely tested. Putin's propaganda machine hammers the European Union while it sleeps. Subscribe to sleeper berth Hours of Service Examples NOTE: This guidance revises FMCSA's Logbook Examples, issued in May 2015, and rescinded on June 27, 2020. FMCSA-HOS-395-HOS-EXAMPLES (2022-04-28) Hours of Service Examples ... Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service. FMCSA's newly revised Split Sleeper Berth Provision (SBP) rule. First off, the old SBP hours of service rule was confusing enough - drivers could break up the 10-hour required rest period into 2 separate periods of 8 and 2 hours, excluding only the longer 8 hours in the sleeper berth (SB) period from the 14-hour shift time. The challenge.

Jan 15, 2021 · Read more about FMCSA’s pilot program to evaluate split sleeper options. It’s never too late to share your views with lawmakers. You can do that on the Fighting for Truckers website or by calling 202-224-3121. If you’ve been hauling COVID-19 vaccines across the country in recent weeks, we want to hear from you for a story we’re working on..

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Sleeper berth provision . FMCSA also offers a downloadable file about the pre-populated examples. ... Split-Sleeper Berth: A driver can use the sleeper berth for an 8/2 split-8 hours of rest that does not count against the 14-hour limit, and 2 hours of rest that does count against the 14-hour driving window..

FMCSA is proposing a pilot program to study 5/5 and 6/4 options for drivers to split their sleeper berth time. And other news: The agency's inflation-adjusted fines for regs violations; Be wary of. 8 hrs. Driving is not permitted if more than 8 hours have passed since the end of the drivers last off duty or sleeper >berth</b> period of at least 30 minutes. 10 hrs.

Sep 23, 2020 · Now, the split has been modified to 7-3. The sum of both parts must exceed ten hours, and the sleeper berth period itself cannot be excluded from the driving window, both forms of breaks must be present for them to not count against the 14-hour driving window. The FMCSA provided an example to illustrate how it looks, and it went as follows:.

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